Southmain Channel Floodway Assessment

US Army Corps of Engineers - Galveston District

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers conducted a flood control evaluation study in the Southmain Flood Control Study Area of Willacy, Hidalgo, and Cameron counties of south Texas. The Spatial Sciences Laboratory (SSL) at Texas A&M University has developed a methodology for evaluating the economic impact of flood frequencies that utilizes GIS as the analysis tool. The input data for the economic analysis modeling includes: digital elevation models, channel cross sections, the flood frequency output from HEC 1 and HEC 2, and the location and valuation of structures in the floodway. The SSL completed the GIS database for all areas of the Southmain channel except the area surrounding Lyford, which did not exist in digital map form. The property valuations, along with the Digital Elevation Models and cross sections, are necessary to run the economic evaluations. In order to complete the evaluation of the Lyford area, structure locations and addresses were acquired.